Laser Game Outdoor

In teams or individually, the LASER GAME is an exciting virtual shooting game, TRUE SIZE !

The Laser outdoor game, new generation,
have fun outdoors in a totally harmless manner : 0% Pain 100% Action

Equipped with a gun with infrared sight, able to reach your target at over 100 m, enjoy this true scale video game in our forest settings.

You start enjoying the game immediately because of its breath-taking realism, without scratches or projectile. Our Laser Game Outdoor lets you know in real time your scores and all results of your shots: injured or eliminated already out of the game.

Since 2014, we have a new version of weapons, new sets and new scenarios.

The Laser Game Outdoor is designed for children (birthday party) and adults (bachelor party), groups such as associations or sports clubs for their annual outing, or for companies and works council outings.

  • We suggest your group must have at least 6 persons, in proper attire.
  • Sessions of one or two hours on reservation
  • Longer session on request
  • Reservations throughout the year, for 20 or more persons
  • Possibility to rent weapons for your event, outside of the park.

From 6 years.

Parc Tépacap ! Bitche 57, Allée Jean Goss, Etang de Hasselfurth, 57 230 BITCHE, FRANCE - Tél : (+33)3 87 06 40 00

Creation PYMAC