The Tépacap overnight

Sleep under a wooden tepee, live nature and games

The Tépacap nights allow you to live 2 unforgettable days (or more) of games, sharing, fun and relaxation, in the exceptional setting of the forest of the Northern Vosges. (classified as UNESCO heritage).

tipi bois

From 120 €, discover your rates on our ticket office according to your needs. 

Our tipis welcome up to 9 people maximum. We have 5 tipis.

The entry to the park is offered to you the time of your stay (the 10 universes of unusual games on the ground). The amenities (toilets and showers) are in our reception building.

Free for children under 4 years old (do not count them in our ticket office but take into account the maximum capacity, 1 free for 2 paying people)



- All-inclusive package (former adventure holiday, from 10 people): breakfast, multigrill dinner (drinks not included), tree climbing 2 days, outdoor laser-game 2h:
35 € / adult;  30 € / child (from 1m20)
- Dinner, multigrill dinner (from 10 people): 17.00 € / person
Tipi nuitée
- Breakfast (sweet, salty): 7.00 € / person
- The climbing course on 2 days (10 routes in height): 10.00 € / person (offered in case of birthday celebrated at the park and for the bride and groom)
- The 2 hours outdoor laser game attraction: 10.00 € / person (offered in case of birthday celebrated at the park and for the bride and groom)

Description of a tepee: 

Wooden cabine, lockable door, equipped with electricity. The floor is 90% covered with mattresses and blankets on which you put down your sleeping bag and pillow. A flashlight is needed when traveling to the park at night.

Tipi nuitéeDescription of options:
- For those who wish all options (minimum 10 people), the formula "full night" is for you. This is our old formula of the adventure stay, including: all the unusual games of the park, tree climbing on 2 days, 2 hours of outdoor laser game, multigrillade dinner, overnight stay and breakfast.
- If you are over 10, we offer a friendly meal. Consisting of 3 types of grills, an assortment of salads, fries, a dessert and a coffee. All served under our giant tepee ... You can continue your evening with a vigil at the fire, a rare moment of exchange and sharing!
- For those who have not taken the dinner and breakfast options, we will send you addresses on request.

How is your stay:

Tipi nuitée

The arrival and departure times are at your convenience during the opening hours of the park.
According to the reservations, the keys of the tepee are available at the latest at 16h. Their return is imperative at 11 am the day of your departure.
In case of immediate availability of tipis, you can install your business on arrival, then visit the park or start activities depending on the options chosen; tree climbing, outdoor game laser (pre-defined session times)

The second day is according to your desires (activities of the park or relaxation ...) You can also envisage an exit outside the park, around the Etang de Hasselfurth, or to practice other activities of leisures available in the country of Bitche. (Pool, karting, ...) We inform you on request.



Parc Tépacap ! Bitche 57, Allée Jean Goss, Etang de Hasselfurth, 57 230 BITCHE, FRANCE - Tél : (+33)3 87 06 40 00

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