The labyrinth Tédanlnoir

Enter in the three-dimensional maze and dive into the dark !

After the first meters, you lose all your landmarks.

Up ? On the right ? Search ! On the left ? Down ? But where is the passage ?
Come on, step over, face down, back away, but also slide… 
Persevere and you will come out !


In the dark, across 60 meters, , you imagine your story, you become a hero who braves the darkness, its dangers, by appealing to your sense of touch, to your imagination
Be resourceful, cunning and crafty and you will reach the end of the maze !

With friends or family, you live in the maze Tédanlnoir, a powerful experience of fun, emotion and sensation.

The labyrinth is designed in a progressive manner, with four different levels of exploration.
You start with a normal maze to finish with a real puzzle ! 

Three exit doors before each passage to a higher level, allowing you to leave if necessary.

We designed the maze so that we can offer it to you in the lighted version on request, as part of a school trip (primary school), or any other group of young children.


Escort: children under 12 must be accompanied, preferably by a person above 16 years.

Parc Tépacap ! Bitche 57, Allée Jean Goss, Etang de Hasselfurth, 57 230 BITCHE, FRANCE - Tél : (+33)3 87 06 40 00

Creation PYMAC