Accrobranche - Tree top adventure

TEACCRO: The courses that freak you outClic-it

Courses in progressive height, original and made safe by the new click-it system.
The attachment of at least one of the two carabiners is always guaranteed.

TEACCRO consists of 11 courses, 120 games, 2 to 10 metres high, with no time limit.

Mobile beams, suspended ladders, monkey bridges, nets, lianas, zip lines, slides and much more...


The course in height calls for your dexterity and balance, offering fun and thrills.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of our games, by the many opportunities to move from tree to tree.

We strongly recommend following the courses in order, as they are progressive in height and difficulty: you start with theinitiation, you move at your own pace, to reach the challenge, if you wish.

This progress is indicated by a numeric code and according to the following colour code : Green - Easy; Blue - average; Red - difficult; Black - very difficult.

For everyone, above 1.20m. Children under 12 year must be accompanied by a person over 16 years old. 

Parc Tépacap ! Bitche 57, Allée Jean Goss, Etang de Hasselfurth, 57 230 BITCHE, FRANCE - Tél : (+33)3 87 06 40 00

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