Exciting games park

Tépacap is an amusement park with multiple attractions. In addition to courses in height, you can have fun in many attractions and exciting games.

When you come to Tépacap, you will enjoy a forest recreation day, whatever your age or physical abilities.

To consume without moderation, all our exciting games allow you to play immediately at any time of day without prior training or specific individual equipment.



And do not forget our additional attractions :

  • Tree top adventure : Téaccro consists of 11 courses, 120 games, 2 to 10 metres high, with no time limit.
  • Laser Game Outdoor : New generation, it allows you to have fun outdoors in a totally harmless manner : 0% Pain 100% Action.

Parc Tépacap ! Bitche 57, Allée Jean Goss, Etang de Hasselfurth, 57 230 BITCHE, FRANCE - Tél : (+33)3 87 06 40 00

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