An unexpected treasure hunt !

Whether you are with family, during a school trip or a summer camp, guided by a map,
go in search of the inhabitants of our forest.


Trolls; they are thought to have disappeared forever, existing only in the imaginary world of legends in the forest. Well, not at all ! Imagine that they have taken up residence in our park, deep in the forest. Just ask us the game map and we shall offer you the most unexpected treasure hunt.

This involves running a very precise course, with our roadmap, to find the trolls that lurk in our forest and solve some puzzles in passing.

In family, group, during a school trip or a summer camp, Tépaperdu allows you to walk in the recesses of our forest and approach its most unexpected inhabitants !

Parc Tépacap ! Bitche 57, Allée Jean Goss, Etang de Hasselfurth, 57 230 BITCHE, FRANCE - Tél : (+33)3 87 06 40 00

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